112 Referrals Didn’t Just Happen

It's true...112 referrals didn't just happen in my business.

--They didn't happen because I am awesome (though my parents would tell you I am).

--They didn't happen because I had been in business for 10 years and had a stellar reputation as a business coach.

--And they didn't happen because I have a hundreds of close and personal friends.

When I closed out 2014 with 112 referrals my business was exactly 16 months old.

Read that again...only 16 months old and 112 people had been referred to me.


30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business

When you decided to start your business you probably did it for a few main reasons…one of which was to have some level of control. Control of your time, money, what you do day-in and day-out, or being in charge (aka not having a boss).

So in honor of today, March 30th being National Take Control Day…I have a question for you.

Who is in control…You or Your business?

If you answered your business I have created a special list just for you…30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business. No matter how big or how small your business may be you need to get each of these under control.


30 Ways to Take Control of Your Day

I am passionate about a few topics when it comes to work and business. Those topics are helping people get control of their business through strategy and execution, referral marketing, client experience and their own personal productivity.

I’ve built my business helping solopreneurs and micro-small business owners take control so they can make more money and find more time. One of my best decisions a few years ago was to become a certified Productivity and Time Efficiency Coach. It helps me work smarter and helps me help my clients work smarter. Let’s be honest…when you are running a company by yourself or with a small team you don’t have a choice but to work smart.


Eight to Eighty

An acorn doesn't look much like a tree yet, but it will grow into a might oak that stand proudly alongside the maple. Will an eight-year-old entrepreneur grow similarly?

Stacey B. Randall shares her knowledge on generational differences and entrepreneurism with b2bTRIBE magazine.




Why I hope I received less referrals in 2015 than 2014

My assistant has been busy the last few weeks of 2015 compiling a specific report to reveal the number of referrals I received in 2015*.

My goal is to receive less referrals in 2015 than I did in 2014. Don’t worry, it is for very good reason! In this post I provide the blueprint I used to shift the type of referrals I was receiving and to increase the quality of my referrals.