Making Home Life Work for Me, Not Against Me…i.e. Less Stressful

From time to time people ask me if the productivity and time management coaching and training I do shows up at home. Well - of course - it does. I was asked to share some thoughts recently so here they are.

But first a short disclaimer…to put these ideas in perspective you need to understand a little about me. Lack of clutter and lots of organization are important to me. Always have been, always will be. I have two kids – 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter and my husband owns a restaurant which means his schedule isn’t always consistent, just a dynamic we live with.

My husband is on board with *most* of these and they work for us. That doesn’t mean they will work for you. But if you try them they may make your life less stressful.


Effective vs. Efficient

Want to be more productive? Focus on being effective, not efficient.

Seems counterintuitive?

It’s not.

If your goal is to knock out your to do list as efficiently (i.e. fast) as possible but you fail to work on your business priorities you aren’t being effective. And being effective is the only thing that matters. I work with clients who get so lost or in the trenches of their tasks that they look up at the end of the week, month or quarter and – while they got “stuff” done – they still haven’t made any real progress. Why…because they are being efficient, not effective.


Version of my Former Self

I’m not sure what it was about the encounter I had recently that made the version of my former self rise up but I had to give it a smack down or it would have unraveled all the work I have done on myself over the years. I used to be happy workaholic…if there is such a thing. I used to find pride in touting all the hours I worked, feeling smug knowing I sent the last email my boss would receive that night or the earliest email my boss would receive in the morning. I found purpose and satisfaction in working hard, over-achieving and trying to out-do those around me. I wore my badge proudly.


Your Beautiful Brain

Have you ever thought about how your brain wants to be used? Odds are…you aren’t using it the way it was designed. Your brain may be little compared to your overall body but it is mighty. The brain weighs on average 3 lbs. which is only 2% of your body weight but the brain consumes 20 to 25% of our calories and 25% of our oxygen. It is not afraid to take what it needs to function. And most days it is begging to be used correctly.


Your 1440 Daily Spend

Do you know the significance of the number 1440? When I ask it in my presentations the audience doesn’t either (puts you in good company). It is the number of minutes in a day. One thousand, four hundred and forty. That’s it. Such a small number but carries a major significance. In those minutes we determine the memories we will make, the success we will have, how we bounce back from failure, if we take time for ourselves, if we accomplish checking items off our to do list, and if we had our priorities straight for the day. So much can happen in 1440 minutes but it can also go by in a flash.