Vacation Re-Entry…3 Steps to Master the Skill in 2015

“Why do I even go on vacation?”

Ever had that thought yourself? Bet you have.

We mutter it as we begin to re-enter work after a vacation on either the night before we head back to work or the morning of our first day back at work…the emails that need to be tended to seem endless, the phone calls that must be returned have stacked up, the co-workers are lurking because they can finally get your attention and the work is just hanging out…waiting for you.


Fighting for Our Intention

Can you sum up how you want to act during 2015 in one word?

Think about waking up on December 31, do you want to feel, what do you want to reflect on, what will you have accomplished?

Will you have lived out your intention for the year?


Perfecting Your To Do List in 2015 - Part Two: The Inside

Last week I wrote the first half of this series on understanding how to leverage your to do list system and I specifically focused on the hardware – the type of planner to buy. (If you missed it please check it out here.)

This post is focused on the guts of your system – how to arrange and organize so you can gain control and clarity. When incorporating a new to do list system you need to understand that you may not get it exactly right the first time.

When I work with a client on creating their system we go into the process expecting to tweak what we designed as they start using it. You create in theory, you tweak in reality. Now this doesn’t mean we aren’t diligent in trying to get it right the first time, but the reality is how you think you will use it may be different from how you actually use it when you put it into practice.


Perfecting Your To Do List in 2015

This is a two part series…because there is nothing like a double dose of your to do list.

In this two part series I will tackle how your to do list can be your friend, your saving grace and part of your productivity solution, not enemy. Don’t believe me? Then keep reading!


Letting Go of THAT Goal

I believe that most of us have a goal - either professional or personal - that follows us from year to year. It's the one we never quite accomplish. Or the one we never quite start. But it's there as a reminder of something we want to do, should do, can do…following us year after year. I'm not talking about your hopes and dreams that are on your bucket list like an Alaskan cruise or to ride a mule down the Grand Canyon (which happen to be two of my bucket list items). No, it’s that goal that somehow made a home for itself in your psyche and hasn’t quite let go.

The most important question to ask when a goal follows you and takes up residence in your soul is “why haven’t I accomplished this yet?”