The Real Problem with Over-Achievers

The problem with over-achievers isn’t that you strive to hit 200% of your monthly sales quota every month or push the team to hit the million or multimillion mark year over year.

The problem with over-achievers isn't that you give it your all on the process improvement task force or the social committee at work.

The problem with over-achievers isn't that you try to be the best board chair, ushering in change to your organization as you try to take the organization to a new level.

The problem with over-achievers isn't that you spend hours creating the perfect birthday party for your child complete with handmade invitations.

The problem with over achievers is that you try to do all of these once. There aren't four different over-achievers described above...there is only one (maybe it’s you). And that is the problem.


Business Failure Lessons Learned - Podcast

Stacey Brown Randall was interviewed on the Chatting with the Experts podcast about her business failure, lessons learned and her success in business #2. Listen in as she shares her 3 Secrets Learned from Business Failure and download her 3 secrets guide which complements the podcast.

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I wish I had met you earlier…

They are the most dreaded words to come across my email...”I wish I had met your earlier.”

It means another solopreneur or small business owner has joined the 66% of failed businesses (Small Business Administration).

As someone who has been there – I am a member of the business failure club - I wouldn't wish hanging up your hat and letting your entrepreneurial dream go on anyone. I’m thankful for my second chance. But I know it is not that way for everyone.


It Worked…So I Stopped Doing It

“It was the best thing I ever started doing in my business.” he said.

“So what happened?” I asked.

He paused and grinning sheepishly said, “It worked, business took off and I stopped doing it because I got busy.” Then he got quiet and I stayed silent to let it sink in.


Networking vs. Being Known by a Network

Do you spend a lot of time networking and wonder about your return on investment? It could be because you view networking all wrong.

The focus should be on being known by a network not networking.

And yes, there is a difference.