Go for Launch Podcast

Brandon Uttley, the Go for Launch show host and I cover a lot of ground in our discussion, with topics that include:

• My first entrepreneurial venture
• Why the business ultimately failed
• The three secrets I learned from the experience
• How I developed a “bulletproof mindset”
• What happened when I did not pay attention to shifts in the market
• How I launched my second business as a productivity coach
• How I developed my referral strategy (which ironically came from my original business failure)
• The big mistake most people make with referrals
• Why I think paying for referrals is dead wrong

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30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business

When you decided to start your business you probably did it for a few main reasons…one of which was to have some level of control. Control of your time, money, what you do day-in and day-out, or being in charge (aka not having a boss).

So in honor of today, March 30th being National Take Control Day…I have a question for you.

Who is in control…You or Your business?

If you answered your business I have created a special list just for you…30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business. No matter how big or how small your business may be you need to get each of these under control.


Eight to Eighty

An acorn doesn't look much like a tree yet, but it will grow into a might oak that stand proudly alongside the maple. Will an eight-year-old entrepreneur grow similarly?

Stacey B. Randall shares her knowledge on generational differences and entrepreneurism with b2bTRIBE magazine.