I said no to the meeting and the world didn’t end

If you are like me there are many, many demands on your time. From my growing business to three kids to a husband with two businesses. 

And as my time is stretched, so, sometimes, is my patience.

Sound familiar?

One key muscle I began flexing as my business took off a few years back was to say no. 


Referral Platinum Principles that Can’t be Disregarded

I’m guessing you’ve heard of the golden rule and the platinum rule. They provide a rule of thumb or practice to live by on how you treat other people. When it comes to referrals there are practices to live by as well. Which is good because having rules to live by provide us with a roadmap to follow and a context to use when we have an issue we aren’t sure how to proceed on. There are 3 principles that govern the world of referrals…the 3 Platinum Principles™.


All “Referrals” Aren’t Referrals and Aren’t Created Equal.

The definition of a referral has become extremely diluted today. Most sales lingo generalizes different types of lead generation and unfortunately groups together terms because they seem similar. Terms like introduction and word of mouth buzz are explained to be the same as a referral. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Being introduced to someone is not necessarily the same as being referred to someone. And even though someone spoke really highly of you to a friend yesterday (word of mouth buzz) it doesn’t mean it’s a referral. I see people confuse and misuse these terms all the time.

So how do you know the difference? How do you know what is a real referral?

Let me break it down for you as to what a real referral is and what it is not.


Do You Believe These Four Myths?

The truth is most people don’t understand that referral marketing is – by far – your most powerful sales and marketing tactic.

That’s right…it is not Snapchat or Periscope or some other latest social media channel.

And no, it’s not cold calling or tradeshow sponsorships.

While all of those may work and complement your overall sales and marketing strategy…nothing has the ability to directly connect your efforts with new clients like referrals.

Unfortunately, Referral Marketing is the least utilized and least understood business growth tactic.


Go for Launch Podcast

Brandon Uttley, the Go for Launch show host and I cover a lot of ground in our discussion, with topics that include:

• My first entrepreneurial venture
• Why the business ultimately failed
• The three secrets I learned from the experience
• How I developed a “bulletproof mindset”
• What happened when I did not pay attention to shifts in the market
• How I launched my second business as a productivity coach
• How I developed my referral strategy (which ironically came from my original business failure)
• The big mistake most people make with referrals
• Why I think paying for referrals is dead wrong

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